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24.August 2016

Grätzlhotel in ECO

Dem Grätzlhotel ist ein Beitrag des ORF-Wirtschaftsmagazins ECO gewidmet:

Hier geht's zum TV-Link auf der TV-Thek zum Nachschauen!

12.July 2016

Wein und Architektur in Brünn

Architektur und Wein in Brünn: Zahreiche renommierte Weingüter aus Mitteleuropa erzeugen ihre Produkte in einer innovativen architektonischen Struktur. Die Ausstelllung

Wein, Architektur und Landschaft, die bereits in Prag und Budapest erfolgreich gezeigt worden ist, macht vom 13. Juli bis 2. September 2016 Station in Brünn. Mit dabei ist auch die von BWM Architekten konzipierte Vinofaktur Vogau.

Architektur Galerie Brno, Starobrněnská 18, Brno / Tschechien

Link zur Ausstellung:  Wine and architecture in central Europe

14.June 2016

With brains, heart and muscle power – to Kazakhstan!

The Expo Pavilion 2017 in Astana/Kasakhstan will be designed by BWM Architekten together with Julia Landsiedl and Gerhard Bauer! The Expo’s motto is „Future Energy“. Inside the pavilion the energy potential of the human will be dealt with in a playful manner focusing on the role each and everyone has to assume. The big energy issues that will determine the future can be experienced independently due to this change in perspective.

The pavilion’s title: With brains, heart and muscle power!

Photo: © Wirtschaftskammer Wien

20.May 2016

Architekturtage mit BWM

Friday, 3 June 2016
Open Studio Day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. all visitors are most welcome at the office on Margaretenplatz 4! Bus tour “corporate culture”,  John Harris Fitness, among others.

Saturday, 4 June 2016
Tour by foot “living and working at the Karmeliterviertel”, grätzlhotel, among others, bus tour “excursion Burgenland”, Café Restaurant Grenadier/Burg Forchtenstein, among others.

17.May 2016

Wombats und VIVAMAYR in MADEby

Wir freuen uns über folgende News-Zugänge in der renommierten Design-Zeitschrift MADEby:

Hotel VIVAMAYR in AltausseeWombats City Hostel London

10.May 2016

Hotelier of the Year 2016!!!

We’ve won! Our two grätzlhotel directors Fanny Holzer-Luschnig and Theresia Kohlmayr have been awarded the „Hotelier of the Year“! Five months ago we, the URBANAUTS Hospitality Group, opened the grätzlhotel at the locations Karmelitermarkt, Meidlinger Markt and Belvedere and now our commitment has received the Rolling Pin Award for the innovative hotel concept. We would like to thank all supporters who voted for us online!


4.May 2016

Das 1000ste Projekt

Take a breath, look back and start again:

Over 12 years BWM Architekten have realised exactly 1000 projects. That corresponds to 4.38 days per every new project. This  film is a high speed trip across the remarkable history of BWM Architekten.

30.April 2016

It’s getting there...

Hotel Caroline next to Vienna Central Station is slowly revealing itself: The scaffolding is being demounted offering for the first time a full view on the red brown brick façade of our newest hospitality project. Work is still being done but it soon will be opened!

Link to project Hotel Caroline

Project: Hotel Caroline ›

25.April 2016

Online Voting until 3 May 2016

Five months ago we –that is the„URBANAUTS Hospitality Group“ as operator- opened the grätzlhotel. Our hotel directors have now made it onto the shortlist of „ Hotelier of the year 2016“! If you too are enthousiastic about our favourites – click here for voting to support.

Project: grätzlhotel ›

4.April 2016

Manner on Stephansplatz: Refurbished

Refurbishment of successful flagship store for the traditional sweets manufacturer Manner. In cooperation with bwm retail the store on Stephansplatz existing since 2004 has been given a facelift.

Photo: © Christoph Panzer

1.April 2016

Book yourself into grätzlhotel

BWM Architekten have become hoteliers: chic city lofts are now available at the new grätzlhotel on the following locations: Karmelitermarkt, Belvedere and Meidlinger Markt. The grätzlhotel is a project by Urbanauts Hospitality joining together architects, hotel and marketing experts. The hotel focuses on the use of ground-floors consisting of garden and street lofts.

Booking under: grätzlhotel
Photo: © Monika Nguyen

Project: grätzlhotel ›

29.March 2016

Season start at Schallaburg castle

Like a flying roof on very high stilts: the new cash building by BWM Architekten for Schallaburg castle in the Wachau region has been inaugurated starting the new season. The „forest of stilts“ bears an ornamented, sophistically designed roof.

Link to website of Schallaburg

9.March 2016

Architecture in Austria new edition

New edition of the publication „architecture in Austria in the 20th and 21st century“: BWM Architekten are being represented with the 25 hours hotel project in Vienna.

Published by Architekturzentrum Wien Az W
Extended and revised new edition, 2016
440 pages, 2198 colour and 55 black-and-white illustrations

ISBN 978-3-03860-010-7

17.February 2016

BWM Architekten at Turn On 2016

BWM Architekten will present some of their exhibition designs from 2009 to 2015 at the Vienna architecture festival Turn On. Every year in spring Turn On shows highlights from the current architectural production in Austria. On 4 and 5 March the festival will take place at the Vienna ORF Radiokulturhaus. Free entrance.

To the website of Turn On

27.January 2016

"The Park Kitchen" Opening

The „George Deli und Café“ at Vienna Central Station has already opened. For a quick espresso at the bar, a snack at the counter to take away or lunch at midday - the right place for a break. On 1 February the new staff restaurant "The Park Kitchen" will also open.

Link to project George Deli & CaféThe Park Kitchen

Photo: © Christoph Panzer

Project: The Park Kitchen ›

13.January 2016

That’s what it looks like!

A touch of Viennese fin de siecle elegance for today’s traveller: This is the look of our new guest room for the Hotel Caroline next to Vienna Central Station. But those who can’t wait to move in need to be patient until the opening of the extension. It will be ready in spring. Link to project Hotel Caroline

14.December 2015

We wish you a happy new year!

We will be fully available for you as of 7 January 2016!

6.December 2015

Open days at Virgil-chapel

Known so far as an insider tip in terms of Vienna’s gothic buildings the legendary Virgil-chapel now has an attractive access realised by BWM Architekten. On 11 and 12 December 2015 this event will be celebrated on two open days. The access is located directly at the level of the Stephansplatz Undergound passage.

Project: Vergilius Chapel ›

3.December 2015

An evening with Wilhelm Holzbauer

At Vienna's University of Applied Arts the theory of architecture has been characterized by Wilhelm Holzbauer for over two decades. In dialogue with his former students Roman Delugan, Willi Frötscher, Susanne Zottl, Robert Temel and Erich Bernard the Viennese architect talks about his work and time of teaching. Moderation: Franziska Leeb

2. December 2015, Architekturzentrum Wien, podium, 6 p.m. 

23.November 2015

A.E. Köchert Jewellers

The salon among Vienna’s stores: Theophil Hansen once designed the store for the former Court Jeweller A.E. Köchert at Hoher Markt. Vienna’s traditional jewellery store will be reopened after a total refurbishment realized by the interior team of BWM Architekten on 25 November.  Link to A.E. Köchert Juweliere

Photo: © Christoph Panzer

Project: A. E. Köchert Juweliere ›

20.November 2015

Grätzlhotel starts on 3 December

Grätzlhotel is the name of a new hotel concept based on Vienna’s urbanity and life in the district. Rooms located in former shops and closely linked to restaurants and markets can be booked. Grätzlhotel is a project by the Urbanauts Hospitality Group including renowned hotel experts as well as BWM Architekten. The first suites are ready and have been presented during a press conference.

For more information please see Grätzlhotel and Urbanauts Hospitality Group.

Project: grätzlhotel ›

17.November 2015

We won the competition!

BWM Architekten has won the competition for the redesign of the Güldene Krönbacken in Erfurt. The historical storage construction in the center of town is to be transformed into a Center for History, into a venue for knowledge transfer and leisure activities.

13.November 2015

Café Grenadier on A list

„Mit historischer Hülle und moderner Fülle“ („historical shell and modern filling in abundance“): Find out what A list author Werner Ringhofer has to say about the new Café Restaurant Grenadier at Burg Forchtenstein: A-List Café Grenadier.

Project: Café Restaurant Grenadier ›