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Erich Bernard (born in 1965 in Graz) is the visionary behind BWM architecture office.

He has spearheaded many award-winning interior designs and hospitality concepts – among others, for such renowned Austrian institutions as Hotel Sacher, Vienna State Opera, Figlmüller Restaurant, A.E. Köchert Jewellers and Oberlaa Confectionery, as well as international brands including 25hours hotels, Indigo Hotel, Vienna House, Moxy Hotels, Marriott International, Radisson Hotels and many more.

Thanks to his exceptionally wide-ranging knowledge, he is a sought-after expert on all aspects of architecture, with a particular focus on heritage conservation, hotel design and F&B design.

He is also the successful author of several publications about the city of Triest as well as cultural topics and the rediscovery of the traditional summer retreat.