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Greiner Bio-One
Greiner Bio-One
Greiner Bio-One

The atrium with its seating area forms the heart around which the waiting and entrance areas of Greiner Bio-One are arranged. The main headquarters and production facilities of the international medical and laboratory technology company are located in Kremsmünster. During the course of renovations of the office building, BWM Architekten redesigned the lobby and entrance area including the conference rooms. The company canteen was also revamped. Taking its cue from the field of medical technology, the new look is hygienic, cool and fresh and features the colours of teal and white.

Interior design for the lobby, front desk and company canteen of an international medical technology company

Completion 04/2017

Greiner Bio-One GmbH

BWM Team
Markus Flägner, Eleni Nagl, Alexandra Spitzer, Pia Temt, Marlies Klauser

Image credit
Greiner Bio-One/Ruth Longodor


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