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John Harris Medical Spa
John Harris Medical Spa
John Harris Medical Spa

Design of an exclusive health center within Vienna’s City Center. By combining a medical and therapeutic area with a shop and lounge a compact structure has been created calling forth new references between the material, light and colour . Spatial depth is achieved by the contrast between rough natural stone and smooth golden walls, surfaces made of oiled wood, soft textile surfaces and the latest medical technology. A double high shop and entrance zone with large windows making the golden shimmer inside visible is the interface to the public.

Completion 09/2005

John Harris Fitness GmbH

BWM Team
Charlotte Schülke, Judith Moser, Robert Charuza, Wolfgang Leitgeb

Image credit
Rupert Steiner, Alexander Koller


Service engineering
Angermaier Gebäudetechnik GmbH

DI Jörg Gritsch

Lighting design
Designbüro Christian Ploderer GmbH