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Schneiders Showroom Düsseldorf
Schneiders Showroom Düsseldorf
Schneiders Showroom Düsseldorf
Schneiders Showroom Düsseldorf

The highlight of this showroom is the “endless clothing rack” (300m long) on which the current collections are presented. The bent round pipes endlessly wind themselves through the room. The clothing rack consists of individual parts that can be assembled as desired. In this way, it can be adapted to changing requirements, such as different collection sizes.

The identity and history of the two brands, Schneiders and Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg, is reflected in the contrasting furniture: the light world of the Schneiders brand and the rich, dark world of Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg.

Redesigning a showroom for the brand Schneiders und Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg on an existing large space in an office and retail building in Düsseldorf.

Completion 02/2011

Schneiders Bekleidung GesmbH

BWM Team
Samina Gheorghe, Markus Flägner, Sanja Utech

Image credit
BWM Architekten / Stefan Mager


Light designer
Reflexion AG

Josef Rehms GmbH

Cabinet maker
Kirchberger Tischlerei GesmbH

Paper hanger
Kohlmaier GmbH