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Tor zur Welt – InterContinental Wien
Tor zur Welt – InterContinental Wien
Tor zur Welt – InterContinental Wien

A tribute to a building that is a prominent representative of post-war architecture and has high symbolic value for Vienna. By taking a closer look at the hotel and its history, this publication also touches on such issues of everyday culture as US mania or Vienna’s significance as a tourist and travel destination. Numerous film stars and famous politicians have stayed here and brought a touch of glamour and exclusive lifestyle. The lavishly illustrated book bears testimony to a not so long-gone era. The many contributions written by renowned authors highlight various aspects of the modernist hotel, such as architecture, urban planning and zeitgeist through the decades from the 1960s to the 2010s.

In 2014 the book was chosen as one of “Austria’s most beautiful books” in the non-fiction category.

Publication to mark the 50-year anniversary of Vienna’s iconic Hotel InterContinental. Concept and idea by Erich Bernhard and Jan Tabor.

Completion 11/2014


BWM Team
Erich Bernard, Liz Zimmermann


Graphic designer
Alois Schwaighofer

Contributing authors
Erich Bernard, Jan Tabor, Severin Corti, Michael Fleischhacker, Ulrike Jürgens, Lilli Lička, Iris Meder, Georg Rigele, Georg Schmid


7 November 2014

Format 44 2014

Als Wien Weltstadt wurde