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The 12.10.
The 12.10.
The 12.10.
The 12.10.
The 12.10.

The biggest, heaviest, fastest, most powerful steam locomotive ever built in Austria – the so-called 12.10 – has arrived at the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology. BWM Architekten designed the permanent exhibition entitled “The 12.10”, which features the painstakingly restored original locomotive as well as an interactive video installation that brings this true gem of Austrian railway history to life.

The 12.10 was built in the Floridsdorf locomotive factory in Vienna in 1936. The locomotive and its tender are 22.6m in length and weigh 138 tonnes in all. With its 2,700 HP, it was able to reach top speeds of up to 154 km/h – a record in Austria at the time!

One of the highlights of the new exhibition is a true-to-life video projection that affords a view inside the locomotive and illustrates its inner workings. For instance, visitors can see the fire making the water boil and the steam valve opening, allowing the steam to enter the cylinders and set the colossus in motion. How fast did the side rods connected to the wheels move when the locomotive was travelling at 120 km/h? The almost lifelike video installation provides answers to this question and many more.

In accordance with the museum’s guiding principle of sustainable development, this special exhibition also establishes a connection between the historical object and current issues relating to sustainability. The framework for this is provided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. This globally recommended agenda for sustainable development to be implemented by 2030 comprises 17 goals in the areas of ecology, economy and society.

The 12.10” exhibition: exhibition design and consulting for the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology

Completion 09/2020

Technischen Museum Wien

BWM Team
Johann Moser, Collin Flesner, Elisabeth Morillo-Napetschnig

Image credit
Klaus Pichler


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