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Gasometervorfeld 2.0
Gasometervorfeld 2.0
Gasometervorfeld 2.0
Gasometervorfeld 2.0
Gasometervorfeld 2.0

The Gasometervorfeld is a complex urban development zone in the direct vicinity of the characteristic listed gasometers in Vienna’s Simmering district. BWM Architekten and Carla Lo won the “Gasometervorfeld 2.0” competition with their Bricolage City project, which now serves as the basis for the zoning plan. The development proposal takes a differentiated look at the existing buildings and provides a sustainable framework for the further development of the residential and commercial uses. The guiding concept is characterised by a perimeter development with five different courtyards, each with its own individual atmosphere and suitable for a variety of uses, meaning that they can also be adapted to accommodate various working and living concepts in the future. Bricolage City offers both urban flair and exceptional recreational qualities with diverse open spaces and a generous green area.

Invited urban planning competition for the creation of a guiding concept for the zoning plan in Vienna’s Simmering district; no individual structures. Competition winner: 1st place!

Competition 02/2019

BWM Team
Alexandra Stage, Gerhard Girsch, Clemens Hörl, Ferdinand Bischofter, Elena Atanassova, Paul Gaunersdorfer

Image credit
BWM Architekten, Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur


Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur (landscape architecture)


9 June 2022

Heiße Phase für neuen Gasometer-Stadtteil


4 June 2022

Der Standard

Hoch über toten Pferden

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16 May 2022

Bezirkszeitung Landstraße / Simmering

Neuer Stadtteil in den Startlöchern


11 May 2022

Ein neuer Stadtteil für Simmering und die Landstraße


4 November 2019

Österreichische Bauzeitung

Und wenn net morgen, ...


23 October 2019

Fastaff Living

Im Osten viel Neues


17 July 2019

a3 Bau

Städtebau-Wettbewerb gewonnen