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Linz-Ebelsberg cooperative process
Linz-Ebelsberg cooperative process
Linz-Ebelsberg cooperative process
Linz-Ebelsberg cooperative process

In Ebelsberg, a southern district of Linz, one of the largest urban development projects is to be realised on the site of former barracks. The call for proposals specified an urban-planning idea with residential and commercial spaces for 5,000 to 7,000 people to form the basis of a zoning plan. Of the more than 30 submissions, BWM Architekten’s Lucky Linz project made it into the next phase: the urban planning cooperative process along with three other architecture firms. In this phase, BWM Architekten, Bernd Vlay (Vienna), Hubert Riess (Graz), and landscape designer Carla Lo (Vienna) worked out detailed proposals for the development of this area. Each of the selected firms was tasked with designing one of the key projects in the process.

Development of an urban-planning outline plan in a cooperative process for the entire area including the protected Hiller barracks

Competition 09/2017

Stadt Linz / Bauträger

BWM Team

Alexandra Stage, Clemens Hörl, Gabriele Bruner, Michele Sabini, Massimiliano Marian, Sanja PiroIllustrations
Anna Szilit

Image credit
Kooperatives Verfahren Linz-Ebelsberg / BWM Architekten, Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur, STUDIOVLAY, Architekt DI Hubert Rieß / pixlab (Renderings), Josef Andraschko (Modell)



Arch. DI Hubert Rieß, Graz

Carla Lo Landscape Architecture, Wien