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Windpark Pretul / Wettbewerb 1. Platz
Windpark Pretul / Wettbewerb 1. Platz
Windpark Pretul / Wettbewerb 1. Platz

Competition outcome: 1st place. The object of the tender was an information centre revolving around the first wind farm operated by the Austrian Federal Forestry Office in the Mürzzuschlag area. BWM Architekten proposed a modular outdoor exhibition that would unfold along the wind farm’s footpath. Two measures from the multipart concept were selected for implementation: an exhibition module with information about the wind farm and another installation at Schwarzriegelmoos. Among other things, a new footbridge and a mountain bike trail will protect the moor and enhance the area.

Invited competition for accompanying measures along a footpath through a wind farm at an altitude of approx. 1600m

Competition 02/2016

Windpark Pretul BetriebsGmbH

BWM Team
Gerhard Girsch (PL), Clemens Hörl, Massimiliano Marian (competition)

Image credit
BWM Architekten / Massimiliano Marian


Christian Gissing (freiland Umweltconsulting)

Technical curator
Rapp + Wimberger

Graphic designer