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Exhibiton "Glanzstuecke"
Exhibiton "Glanzstuecke"
Exhibiton "Glanzstuecke"
Exhibiton "Glanzstuecke"
Exhibiton "Glanzstuecke"

The exhibition’s scenographic set up corresponds to the exhibited jewelry: In the middle there is the precious stone. In the exhibition hall this corresponds to the centrally arranged zone determined by carpets and canopy where the jewelry of the Wiener Werkstätte glistens and sparkles in illuminated showcases.

The area surrounding the central displays is the setting for the individual themes graphically arranged as „wall paintings”. One of the highlights within this area is the original „Emilie Flöge“ by Klimt. The exhibition setting of the jewelry structure consisting of „setting“ and „precious stone“ offers an interaction of contextualization (and beauty of the original) that is interesting for the eye and the mind.


Wien Museum

BWM Team
Christoph Panzer

Image credit
BWM Architekten


Haller Graphikdesign

Light design
Arch. DI Rudolf Lamprecht

Eva Orosz, Paul Asenbaum, Wolfgang Kos