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Museum for Austrian Literature

In cooperation with PLANET architects and Perndl+Co, BWM Architekten won the competition for the new Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library in Vienna. A listed archive building from the Habsburg monarchy will be transformed into a modern literature museum. The unique, historic character of this building will be preserved and its distinctive archival atmosphere will gain additional appeal thanks to modern exhibition architecture and multimedia presentations. The new museum will be a key location for the study of Austrian authors. Opening 18 April 2015.

Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library + Archive: Experiencing the Austrian State Archives

Competition Fertigstellung 2015

Austrian National Library

BWM Team
Peter Foschi (PL), Massimiliano Marian

Image credit
BWM Architekten


In cooperation with PLANET architects, Vienna

General planning
Work group BWM + PLANET


Media planning
Conceptual art Technologies | cat-x