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In the course of the partial renovation of the Sheraton Salzburg in the centre of the City of Salzburg, the existing café is being altered and a conservatory added. The theme is italianità: The bright green ceiling is the eye-catching element of the new bistro, drawing the eye to the bar situated beneath it. The bar is made of natural stone and its distinctive curves serve to connect the two halves of the room. The warm, dark stained wood of the wainscot panelling contrasts with the sheen of the 1950s-inspired brass lamps

Interior planning, consulting and design for the redesign of a bistro in the five-star luxury hotel Sheraton Salzburg

Completion 05/2017

BWM Team
Markus Flägner, Eleni Nagl, Sara Rois, Alexandra Spitzer

Image credit
BWM Architekten/Christoph Panzer


Planning, site supervision
Edelmüller. Architektur. Management