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Ostrava Transport Museum
Ostrava Transport Museum
Ostrava Transport Museum
Ostrava Transport Museum
Ostrava Transport Museum

An adventure park, designed as a mobility competence centre for all ages, on a former industrial site near the main railway station.

BWM won the competition for the design of a transport museum in combination with a master plan for an adventure park on a former industrial site near the main station in Ostrava (Czech Republic). The project aims to open the industrial area and to develop it into a cultural district with public spaces, a coffee house and further attractions inspired by the topics of “bicycle, mobility and public transport”.

"Move your body"

The adventure park is to be a new cultural district for leisure activities near Ostrava’s main railway station. At the centre of the park is an old transformer substation that will house a museum with a collection of historic trams and buses that symbolise the city’s rise to an industrial metropolis in the 20th century. In addition, the adventure park will have a wide appeal thanks to new forms of activities under the motto of “Move Your Body”. Johann Moser: “Bikes, a skatepark, ziplining and a road safety school – the adventure park is a mobility competence centre for all ages. It also gives visitors the opportunity to have fun trying out unusual technical mobile equipment and new forms of movement.” Part of the space will be made available to other companies and startups that also have a mobility focus.

Johann Moser
Bicycle, skater park, zipline or traffic school - the adventure park is a centre of excellence in mobility for all ages. It is also a playful place to try out new technical mobile special equipment and new forms of movement.
Johann Moser

More than just a tram museum

BWM Architekten developed this comprehensive concept on the basis of a masterplan for a larger area which grew out of the original idea of building a tram museum. The Czech city of Ostrava is located in a catchment area of two million visitors and people interested in culture. This initiative is intended to stimulate urban development and create an attractive cultural offer for tourists and the locals alike.

Feasibility study for the revitalization of the station square. Concept and idea for the conversion of a disused industrial area. Master Plan Competition Winner 2017.

Planning 10/2018

Statutory City of Ostrava

BWM Team
Michal Jiskra (PM), Peter Foschi, Massimiliano Marian, Michele Sabini, Alexandra Stage

Image credit
BWM Architekten


Content concept for programming the museum
historical topics: Christian Rapp

Concept for programming the museum
Technology and future topics: BWM Architekten