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Folklore museum Graz
Folklore museum Graz
Folklore museum Graz
Folklore museum Graz
Folklore museum Graz

Restoration, conversion and redesigning of the existing folklore museum and its permanent collection. The characteristics of the historical structure are respected. In separating the new structure from the historical substance the authentic character of the existing structure is preserved. The exterior walls remain unaffected as they are characteristic interfaces between inside and outside and an essential feature of the former monastery complex. Recent interventions can be identified by the choice of the material: glass, metal, lighting. The museum’s symbol is a bridge of glass connecting the main building and the historical „Trachtensaal“ that is an exhibit itself.


Landesmuseum Joanneum GmbH

BWM Team
Jürg Näf, Markus Kaplan, Sylvia Kompein

Image credit
Alexander Koller


DI Boyer

Light designer
Kress & Adams

Service engineering
Ing. Herbst

bogner-cc, Christian Rapp, Jutta Baumgartner, Roswitha Orac

Michael Rieper


Geramb Rose 2004

1 September 2004

Geramb Rose 2004

Gratitude from Styria for outstanding building in 2004: Volkskundemuseum Graz.