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Hotel InterContinental development concept / Competition
Hotel InterContinental development concept / Competition

A large-scale urban planning project for the 15,400m2 site around the Wiener Eislaufverein ice rink. Joint participation in the international competition with the Amsterdam-based firm Wiel Arets Architects. The objective of the competition was to find a new development concept for the area around the ice rink, Hotel InterContinental and the Konzerthaus. BWM and Wiel Arets proposed opening up the ice rink site to the public in the summer and fitting it with an open-air stage for the Konzerthaus, as well as giving the area new accessways. They also proposed placing the additional volume of space stipulated in the competition tender in several staggered cubes on and around the hotel – but no higher than 75m. The prominent Hotel InterContinental, built in 1964, is to be preserved, but extensively renovated.

Competition 05/2013


BWM Team
Peter Foschi, Michael Köcher, Alexander Wildzeisz, Peter Klein, Massimiliano Marian, Martin Ritt


Project partners for urban planning expert review

Rüdiger Lainer, architect, Vienna

Christoph Luchsinger, professor for urban planning, Vienna University of Technology

Project partners for competition

Wiel Arets Architects, Amsterdam
Wiel Arets, Jochen Homminga, Moritz Thieden

Landscape architecture
Karin Standler, Liz Zimmermann