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EXPO Shanghai 2010 „Alles Walzer“ / Competition
EXPO Shanghai 2010 „Alles Walzer“ / Competition
EXPO Shanghai 2010 „Alles Walzer“ / Competition

A large, undulating ribbon signifies movement, rhythm, musicality, lightness and joie de vivre. At the same time, the ribbon creates a spectacular interior, by encircling the central dance and concert hall. All of the functional spaces – the restaurant, shop and gallery, which house the closed VIP rooms and presentation areas for companies and events – are integrated in the envelope. The architectural language is modern and abstract and deliberately ignores all Austrian clichés. The design’s motto is “CONSTRUCTED MOVEMENT” and is dedicated to the power of music and dance. The Austria Pavilion is a high-quality cultural spot with synergetic functionality: it is both a representative and an artistic instrument.


Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

BWM Team
Johann Moser, Maik Perfahl, Jörg Gottschalk, Silke Schmitz

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BWM Architekten


Acoustic planners
Quiring Consultants Ingenieurbüro and the Testin Institute for Acoustics and Structural Physics

HVAC & Sanitary
Scholze Technische Gebäudeausrüstung GmbH